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                  • Seda Business Talk
                    Offerings focusing on clients who want information on starting a business.
                    Assistance Provided:
                    ? Business Advice and Information ? Small Enterprise Training ? Business Registration
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                  • Seda Business Start
                    Provides tools and techniques for clients who are ready to start a business and want assistance and direction.
                    Assistance Provided:
                    ? Business Planning ? Business Counselling ? Facilitation of Access to Finance ? Business Support
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                  • Seda Business Build
                    Offerings focusing on clients who want skills to sustain and strengthen their businesses.
                    Assistance Provided:
                    ? Capacity Building Systems ? Mentorship ? Tender Advice / Procurement ? Export Readiness ? Franchising
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                  • Seda Business Grow
                    Offerings focusing on clients who want to grow their businesses and expand nationally and internationally.
                    Assistance Provided:
                    ? Business Systems Development ? Cooperative Support ? Growth Strategy
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